Sunday, April 8, 2018


Reviewing Jeffree Star products is nothing new in the beauty community. If you're a follower of my Instagram or even my blog, you may have seen previously where I reviewed some Jeffree Star products [if not, click here].

Today I've decided to review the newly released - and contantly selling out - Blood Sugar palette. 

In order to acquire this palette myself, I had to go through the rush of people wanting to buy this palette. Since this palette was such a high demand it has been constantly selling out. Unfortunately, I missed the initial launch as well as the BeautyLish which both sold out in under 10 minutes. When I found out Morphe got the Blood Sugar collection in stock, I raced to get it. Upon ordering the palette, it shipped the next day, and got here in 2 days once shipped.

I want to start off my review by saying I stand neutral on Jeffree Star. There are pros and cons to him as a person, but I'm strictly only here to HONESTLY review the product!

The blood sugar palette is HUGE. This is a lot of packaging compared to his other palettes, and it is a little space consuming considering how thick the palette itself is. Although it's not the ideal travel friendly palette to take on the go, the packaging is beautiful.

Onto the eyeshadows themselves! I wanted to try this palette specifically because I enjoy reds very much. Reds are extremely flattered on me being my extremely pale skin, I LOVE the colors in this palette. Be aware though that some of the shades in this palette are marketed as not safe for the immediate eye area. I decided to include some swatches of this palette, but I can say myself that the metallics in here are buttery smooth. I only had problems with a couple shades being a little hard to swatch (or chalky like), but out of 18 it's alright in my book.'

In my final thoughts, this palette is definitely worth a go if you're into red shades. This palette is almost every pale girls needs, 100%. Once this comes in stock, it's a race to grab before it sells out.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


It's become that time of the month again! My Sweet Sparkle has released their new box in their subscription series for March! My Sweet Sparkle is a monthly subscription box for your favorite indie brands! Each month, a box curated of 5 FULL SIZED products is released, giving you the materials to create the looks you crave! You can get this subscription for as low as $21, and it definitely has over $70 of product for any makeup addict to love and try!

March's box for My Sweet Sparkle is Blooming Bronze! Get ready for sunny days with a glossy lip and nice smoky eye! With March's My Sweet Sparkle box, you have everything to channel your inner sunshine!


 I want to kick off this months unboxing with one of the most expensive items in the box. Terre Mere's Mineral Bronzer ($54)! Enjoy a healthy glistening tan without the damaging effects of sun exposure. Mere’s all-natural mineral bronzer gives you a nice sun-kissed glow, keeping your skin healthy. The all-natural formula is suitable for all skin types and conditions, whether your skin is oily or dry, mature or sensitive. Its lightweight coverage has the added benefits of camouflaging wrinkles, blemishes, and discolorations. Go the extra mile and also apply this to your body to give your skin extra life!

Next in the box is an IBY deluxe eyeshadow ($9). IBY's long-wearing, crease-resistant, and super pigmented - if I can say so myself - Deluxe Eye Shadow is a staple in this box. It can be applied sheer for a more natural or layered for a even more dramatic look. A plus to this deluxe shadow, it is completely vegan!

Also from IBY Beauty, we have the eye shadow brush ($8). This brush consists of professional quality bristles which makes it simple to apply color on the lid and can double to create an amazing highlighted brow. I can vouch that this brush feels wonderful on the skin, and extremely high quality.

Next item in this box is LA Splash's Catwalk mascara ($18). This mascara is smudge proof, water proof, and adds a nice dramatic rich effect to your lashes so they look thicker and fuller.

Last item in this box is a lipreme glodd from Makeup Love Cosmetics ($15). This gloss gives to such a hydrating, non-sticky, beautifully colored lip. Theis lip gloss is formulated with anti-aging properties, and just enough sparkle and shine to make your pout look luxurious.


This has to be one of my most successful My Sweet Sparkle boxes as of yet! For only $21, this box totaled $104 retail price when adding the cost of all products curated inside together. I'm definitely going to use the IBY eyeshadow brush, Makeup Love gloss, and IBY shadow here and there from now on! The bronzer shade was pretty off for my skin tone, and I could never pull something like such off (sorry for being a pale girl). I do, however, think I could double this bronzer for some nice eye looks - so it will not go to waste! The only thing I could absolutely do without would be the mascara. I've received multiple monthly boxes and I always get mascara in them, I'm running out of friends to hand them down to! In my head, most mascara's do almost the same to my lashes - as well as they aren't of much use for us that pack on a par of falsies.

Let me know, have you tried My Sweet Sparkle? What other subscriptions do you have? I will be posting some new looks on Instagram soon featuring contents of my box! Much love, xoxo.

Friday, March 2, 2018


After a hiatus from writing blog entries, I'm coming in hot with a new subscription. Deck of Scarlet is a bi-monthly makeup subscription of your all-in-one palette. That's right, you get a palette with ALL the products you need for a full face of makeup. Get this... It even costs less than a single item at Sephora! In each Deck of Scarlet palette you will contain 3 eyeshadows, 2 cheek colors, 2 lip colors, an eyeliner, and a lip pencil! As for more important info, Deck of Scarlet offers free US shipping as well as shipping to Canada and the UK.

Every other month, Deck of Scarlet releases a brand spankin' new palette in collaboration with top beauty gurus! This mean not only can you support other artists, but you can even learn with your favorite beauty babes through tutorials they provide!

This March-April edition of Deck of Scarlet is in collaboration with Roxette Arisa. Roxette was born in Los Angeles and is known for her YouTube channel where you will find makeup tutorials, first impressions, and more!

Deck of Scarlet Review
edition 07

This months Deck of Scarlet has some gorgeous packaging. You can open up this baby to teleport yourself to the hues of an exotic beach getaway. All of the shadows and cheek colors are buttery soft, easily blendable, and just the right amount of color you need in your life. The lip colors included in this palette give you a luxury feel with it's full coverage, moisturizing, and creamy formula. Last with this subscription is included liner and lip pencils - which don't smudge and prevents bleeding!

Eyeshadows in this palette include buttery, blendable shades in: Starry Eyed - a warm, light tan with a luxurious matte finish, Bora Bora - an exotic turqiose with a light shimmer, and Bronzed - a dark golden brown which is perfect for opaque intensity and definition.

This palette includes a glistening highlighter in Roxstar - with a blinding glow for that luminous look, as well as a beautiful soft pink coral blush in Lovesick. 

Lip colors in this palette will include 2 creamy, full coverage shades in Smootch and Swept away. Both a opaque, moisturizing formula.

Add-on pencils include lip liner in Foxy and eyeliner in Goddess

Go ahead and check of Deck of Scarlet on social media!

Instagram: @deckofscarlet
Twitter: @deckofscarlet
Snapchat: deckofscarlet 

Sunday, October 29, 2017


I missed Influenster Friday - so have Sunday! I figured instead of spamming all of you with my boxes, I would make a slide show since I got in a lot of #VOXBOX's lately. 

The @MarcJacobsFragrances#EauSoDecadent perfume! This is the only thing I have a love/hate relationship with because it smells good - but does have this certain "after smell" that kind of gets to me. Definitely has a cute bottle! I'd love the full sized just to look at it's so gorgeous. 😍#complimentary @Influenster


The @YSLBeauty #TatouageCouture lip stain! A very nice smelling lip stain if I may say. I really love the color and the unique applicator to this lippie. The only downside I would have to say for this is that it does give a funny taste if you just do much as get any in your mouth or touch your tongue to it. Definitely takes a bit to dry, and if you touch it before it dries it definitely smudges. 
#complimentary #contest @Influenster

I got in the @Clairol_Pro box so I was able to try out the #FlareMe dye which I've actually eyed for a while. I ended up getting #TurnTheirHeadsRed and dyed a fire ombré on my @libertyhairextensions! I absolutely loved all the extras they gave in this box and I'm already out of the shampoo and conditioner it smelt so good. The first whiff when opened up the box smelt so good I had to investigate to see the smell. 
#BoldHairChallenge #ClairolProVIP#Contest #Complimentary @Influenster


Thank you Influenster for letting me have at it with so many boxes this last month! All products were sent to me for free for testing purposes!

Friday, September 29, 2017


As I always promise to support local and/or small indie brands, I am keeping to my word and opening word of mouth to bring you Blend It Like Becker!

Blend It Like Becker is a new, independently run cosmetics line. The objective for Blend It Like Becker is for makeup junkies - such as myself - to be able to express who we are. Each palette by Becker is set to represent something we love in each other or the world around us.

To top off the amazing-ness that Blend It Like Becker has to bring. All products are locally sourced and created in Florida, then shipped and assembled by hand in Kentucky. Hooray for U.S. made products!

With this introduction, I bring you Blend It Like Becker's latest collection: Down To Earth

This palette, exclusively only at Blend It Like Becker's website, consists of 9 earth hued shadows and 4 natural cheek shades. Expect yourself to lay in the grass and enjoy the clear blue sky gazing up at the clouds swifting by. You can watch the seasons change, becoming fall with a burnt mahogany. Swim the deep depths of the ocean or hike the forest around you. This is Down To Earth.

To show you more on the colors, here are some swatches of the eyeshadows and the cheek shades!

Down To Earth Eyeshadows

Down to Earth Cheek Colors

Feel free to shop this JUST RELEASED collection from!

Saturday, September 23, 2017



Just days after release of their new palettes, Lime Crime has added to their website that 3 out of 5 shades in each Pocket Candy palette is NOT FOR USE IN THE IMMEDIATE EYE AREA. They have hidden this verse underneath their ingredients list.


Around the corner is a new product release waiting to happen from Lime Crime. A couple weeks back Lime Crime had posted sneak peaks on their Instagram of the new Pocket Candy palettes.

Photo via HypeBae

In my opinion, these palettes look like extremely cheap children's makeup you would find at Claire's. I know Lime Crime wanted to go for the 90's toy look for these palettes, but is it making this product look cheap? I strongly believe so.

Not only do I have a complaint about the cheap looking packaging, but I find the colors in these palettes are rather pretty much generic colors you can find amongst other palettes. Let me know if you're going to snag these when they release.

The only up side I feel about these palettes is the nostalgia from my childhood of playing with Polly Pockets. Only lord will know the words I've said while trying to change my miniature sized doll's clothing.

My hope for these is that with their earlier release last year of the Super Foils I'd be ultimately scared to get any Lime Crime eyeshadows. If you haven't heard nor know or have seen what happened - you can do a simple google search to reveal many parties getting mold, rust, and hair in their shadows.

Lime Crime Pocket Candy Ingredients

photo via Lime Crime


I decided to look deeper and found that the NET Weight of the Pocket Palettes is 10.08 grams for the 5 total shadows in each palette. This would mean for each gram of product you're paying approximately $3.37 cents. If you wanted to know how much you were paying for each shadow in general - it'd be around $8.50. Although 4 shadows in the palette are the same size and the one in the center is a bit smaller I decided not to waste time frying my brain doing more math - so instead did something more general.

Photo via Lime Crime


I wanted to compare this palette to other palettes along the lines of price per shadow and grams. According to my math, check out these palettes pricing consider possibly finding an alternative to the Lime Crime Pocket Candy palettes. Here I am comparing the price per gram and price per shadow between Lime Crime Pocket Candy and various other palettes.

Price Overall
Price Per Gram
Price Per Shadow
Lime Crime Pocket Candy

Colourpop Yes, Please

Urban Decay Naked Heat


Natasha Denona Star


Kat Von D Shade N Light


Sephora PRO Editorial


Thursday, September 14, 2017


We all have seen the struggle. We all have sifted through hundreds of YouTube videos. Are some of these hair extensions brands worth it, or are these sponsored hair guru's faking it. One thing is for sure, I had to get to the bottom of it. Here is my brutally honest hair extension review. The best and worst hair extension brands.

While going through these video reviews I've seen, I can tell you almost every single one of these gurus review these extensions right when they take them out of the box. If you know me, time is key. You cannot review something like extensions after having then for just 1 day or even a week.

I sifted through to the unsponsored reviews, I sifted through some fake "honesty", and most of all - I sifted through those pesky affiliate codes. Now is time for my BRUTALLY honest review of multiple hair extension brands I've tried. 

A little background on my hair extension history. I've been wearing hair extensions for almost 10 years now. I've been dying hair for longer than I've worn extensions.

I ALWAYS recommend checking SiteJabber and Complaints Board for honest reviews!


Probably one of the most talked about brands of extensions especially through the colorful hair community. In mid 2016 I do have to admit I became an ambassador for this brand, but that will NOT affect my brutally honest review and experience with this company. 

This brand has hundreds if not thousands of their affiliates and brand ambassadors promoting this hair line. As a used-to-be affiliate myself, I can tell you that every time one of our codes was used we were getting 10% of the sale. I feel like many influencers, although claim they aren't about the money, will petal push these extensions for the little pay.

To explain these extensions more. They usually come in a set of 7 pieces (one 4 clip weft, two 3 clip, two 2 clip, and two 1 clip pieces). I completely feel like for a full head of hair, you'd need 2 sets of these extensions because quite frankly there aren't enough clips. Also, I'm a biased despised person of one clip extension pieces - I think it's a complete waste. This hair tends to get thinner towards the end, and hair very little shedding which I don't feel a complaint about. Lastly for their physical first appearance, this brands consideration of blonde is almost a pale mustard yellow color.

These extensions do ship from China and upon looking into trademark I found that they're owned by the the Chinese company Nanjing Walland Technology. The same company owns RPGshow, MyFirstWig, and HerGivenHair. This means that VPfashion is NOT a United States based company so they claim to be, as well as that you can order from these other companies they own and get the same products across each website. View proof of these brands owned by a Chinese wholesale company HERE.

First out of package photo. 22" 220g VPfashion hair extensions.

I have tried both the mixdyeable and and human hair extensions from this brand. To be brutally honest, even being sponsored as an artist - these extensions are complete shit. I've had to e-mail this representitive multiple ties about the extensions being frizzy, looking fried, and even the clips getting rusted. Each time I did claim something was wrong, they would give me excuse after excuse on how I could "better care for my extensions".

After 1 wash with purple toning shampoo. A little frizzy, about half an inch of dead ends (which I did cut off), and overall extremely lighter)

I have to admit, the Mix Dyeable hair extensions would be good for the price if you are somebody who frequently dyes their hair. Since the price is about 50% cheaper than normal human hair extensions - a frequent dye hard fan would possibly love that these can take about 3 dye jobs before they fall to shit.

2nd dye with vegan hair color. At this point I've cut off about 2 inches of the hairs dead ends. The hair is still a little frizzy as expected. At this point, one of the hair extensions clips has broke but they ship their extensions with extra clips in case that happens - so all was alright for me.

I stopped wearing these hair extensions a little after this dye because after a few heat styling sessions the hair felt way too frizzy and unlike my real hair to continue wearing them. Etc.. My real hair texture and the extension texture just didn't mix.


I'd have to say amongst the colorful hair community, Minihouse8888 comes close in competition for VPfashion. This brand doesn't have excessive popularity, which makes me question why because at least they're better than VPfashion.

Appearance explanation time! The best plus side to this brand I feel is that they offer sets up to 10 wefts unlike many others that offer 7 or 8 (The 10 piece set includes two 4 clip, two 3 clip, two 2 clip, and four one clip wefts). Upon unboxing - these extensions are extremely a fat colored yellow. They have little to medium shedding but stay thick from clip to tip.

These extensions as well are shipped from China although it's "owner" is based in claims it is based in Florida. I also have found out that shopping the Minihouse8888 Ebay page and 50% cheaper than buying on their actual website. I also find that LuxyHair ships their products in the same exact style box (just different color) and they seem to have the same hair extensions sets as Minihouse - so it's likely the same manufactured hair extensions just sold by different companies).

I have 2 sets of Minihouse8888 extensions. The top extensions have already been toned and dyed once to match my hair and the bottom is right out of the box.

These extensions seem to tone and dye extremely well. They have significant less frizz then VPfashion, and barely any of the ends had to be cut off.

I have noticed that these extensions will mat and tangle very easily throughout wear so they so need constant upkeep and brushing. When I store these back in its box I like to braid the extensions to keep them from tangling and getting any frizz.

My final thoughts and honest review for Minihouse8888 would be that these are an okay choice for anybody who likes to dye their hair and wear extensions not everyday - but frequently. I received these extensions before ever trying VPfashion and noticed the superior quality. These extensions are still alive and sitting in their box so they have lasted over a year (but I have not worn these extensions but probably 100 days total throughout my time having them).


Previously known as DirtyLooks, I feel Milk+Blush doesn't get the recognition it really deserves. This brand has a wide variety of color choices and collections. They as well carry DIY kits that include extensions and hair dye or extensions and bleach which is something pretty much NO other company does. Milk+Blush as well ships their extensions with a booklet that contains instructions and such on how and where to clip the extensions in, how to dye the extensions (and they even list safe dyes for their extensions), and the booklet even contains how to care for them such as styling, brushing, and heat guidelines.

Appearance wise, these extensions tend to be true to the color swatches on their website. These come in a classic sex with 10 pieces (one QUAD wefted 4 clip, two 3 clip pieces, four 2 clip pieces, and two 1 clip pieces) Through my lifetime so far I have tried 3 sets of theirs and continue to go back as well as recommend them for clients. The extensions stay thick and do not shed pretty much AT ALL. 

Milk+Blush is shipped from the United Kingdom, which is a change from all these Chinese companies. They seem to have extremely unique sets and colors - so I've come to the conclusion that these extensions are pretty much one of a kind and not cheap. These extensions are perfect for anybody with a thick head of hair due to their amount of pieces and ability to spread out and blend.

Photo via Pinterest. As you can see these extensions look extremely healthy and beautiful. As I can't find photos on file of my sets - I can tell you they look exactly like this.

(Expect a review coming for this set shortly)

My most recent find and hair extension set I've tried is from Liberty Hair Extensions. This brand is extremely new, if not JUST RELEASED. They carry a nice variety of colors, and up to 22" 250g extremely thick hair.

The looks of these extensions is true to color. These have been the ONLY set of extensions I've received that perfectly matched my blonde "almost white" hair. They come in a set of 8 pieces (two 4 clip pieces, two 3 clip pieces, and four 1 clip pieces). These extensions have has ZERO shedding, they are really true to color, silky smooth, and overall just beautiful.

This brand is based in the United Kingdom as well as shipped from the UK. With a wide variety color and the ability to actually match an extremely blonde color - these extensions will get the full 5 stars from me.


1. Liberty Hair Extension | Milk+Blush 
2. Minihouse8888
3. VPfashion

Please note I have not tried Bellami or any other brands than these extensions. This article is subject to update and add more brands as I try and personally experience them.